Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday words of wisdom

You'll probably need to use these on Monday....

Co-Worker Words of Wisdom:

Levin Kaverty/... Its all about making people that deal with you happier. You can get by a lot if people just want you around. F exclamations help.

Fantastic! Phenomenal! It’s Friday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Ok so I was never quite able to recreate the post that I lost when Google Desktop commanded control of my computer and closed the window that I'd been typing in all day. I have learned a valuable lesson from that though. Either type fast, don't go all ADD and leave it up all day, and then save- or- the option that works much better for me: type it in Word. At least that has auto-recovery if something terrible happens. It was going to be so good too. [pout]

So anyway, here is a little taste of what it was going to be like.....
8.23.05 After getting in to work at 7:30 am to assist a teammate with Presentation Skills II and finally sitting at my desk around 9:30, I am greeted with the most awful racket emanating from the wall just outside my desk.

JeM4415: AHHHH what is that racket?!?
JeM4415: I feel like someone is about to poke their head through my wall with a sledge hammer!
Magnus: what's going on?!?!
Magnus: Heavens to Pete
...2 hours later...
JeM4415: so I just went to a meeting, and discovered that they ripped our stairs off the wall and flipped them around.
Magnus: huh
Magnus: how
Magnus: hah
JeM4415: well that would explain all that noise... however... why the HELL they flipped the stairs around is beyond me.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Summer Daze...

Summer Daze…

It’s August in Corporate America and while I’m sitting in my cubicle working on my fluorescent tan, millions of Europeans are off gallivanting to the Mediterranean (or other seaside destinations) in their Speedos. I can only imagine the conditions in Europe right now- Paris is abandoned…only one eyed-cats and unsuspecting American or Japanese tourist roaming the empty streets (and what’s with all those one-eyed cats in Paris anyway…), In Rome, the incessant beeping of Vespas has stopped, and the rush hour on the Autobahn in Germany is noticeably lighter. Now... imagine you and millions of other tourists of all nationalities tromping through Provence, frolicking in Speedos up and down the Côte D'Azur, or standing in the sweltering heat in a line at Euro Disney where the people who are there to serve you aren't so happy go lucky as they might have been in April, since they didn't get to take the month of August off. This mass exodus of Europeans from their desks means one thing to me… more work, frustration, and no sun! The European culture of taking “quality of life” seriously (i.e. taking vacations) has always been a topic of discussion in my French and International Business courses. I was always amazed at the thought of not working for an entire month- and getting paid for it! I had one German friend who informed me that in Germany they even get paid more for vacation time, “because they’re spending more money.” WHAT?!

So, basically, I was reminded of this vacationing phenomenon on Monday morning, August 1st. On that particular morning, I had to send out a mass e-mail to all of the global users of the web-conferencing program that our company uses and I’m the administrator for. I expected to receive some Out of Office emails back like usual… however, this time my inbox was over-run with these Out of Office replies. I started to read through them to see what everyone was up to… while the NAM (North America) folks were out for an average of two or three days, the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) employees were out for the whole month! “On Holiday 8/1-8/31, no access to e-mail or voicemail” So as if the vacation related jealousy wasn’t bad enough, I read through a few more of these Out of Office replies to discover “On Holiday, will return 9/5, contact Melissa Harrington for any assistance regarding [my job whatever that is]” WHAT?!? Who are you, how did you find me? And what is your JOB?!?

So after discovering that one, I stumbled on a few more involving things like, “…with issues with ______ , please contact Melissa Harrington” and the, “I’m on holiday dammit, stop e-mailing me and bother Melissa Harrington…” Ok that one was a little dramatic, I’ll admit, but you can imagine my disbelief in all of the new responsibility with words like "issues" and "assistance" that I wasn’t aware I’d be getting for the month of August.

Luckily, I only have two more weeks of this summer daze I’ve been in before I can take a vacation and direct all of my Out of Office replies to my newfound European counterparts. ; ) Muahahahaha

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


So you want to be an International Business major.

Well.... after 5 years of college and a year in Corporate America, I must say that I have some pretty funny and interesting stories to share about my experiences. I left the University of Rhode Island with three majors and a lot of great memories involving strip poker, jell-o shots, leopard carpeted bars, and politics. There are also a few academic-based memories, some from my study abroad experience in France, and the most recent crazy landlady from Maywood. When the inevitable "So, what's your major?" line comes up it's always the same thing... "Well, actually I have 3 majors." "Three majors! What are you? Masochistic?" (Actually it wasn't so bad until I had three Capstone, or hardest classes ever, at the same time) Then I have to go on and explain that I majored in Marketing (the original choice), French (roped into it by a very persuasive French-born professor), and International Business (what was I thinking?!?). Sometimes I'd even get the "Ahhh so you're a French major... Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” Hey listen, just because I'm a French major doesn't mean I'm easy!

Now I find myself at Tech Company X (I believe in protecting the identity of my victims) doing the -8:30 until whenever I can tear myself away thing - five days a week. I work on the Sales Training team (we even had a two day retreat once to come up with our own logo) developing eLearning and doing everything else it takes to provide global sales training to our sales force. That’s the easy way out of explaining what I do…