Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Orlando Update

This hotel that we're staying at is absolutely obsessed with ducks. (Peabody Orlando) The thing that's most disturbing is that everyone else seemed to know their reputation before getting here... The much anticipated "Duck Show" happens everyday at 11 am and 5 pm...then the Duck Keeper leads them up a red carpet to their room upstairs. I haven't seen the Duck Show yet but I hear that it's 5 minutes of anticipation and 30 seconds of duck tricks. Just what business people need.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Welcome to Wacky World

My 10 day trip to Orlando has been nothing short of interesting, that's for sure. I spent 2 magical days at the wondeful world of Disney with children bouncing of every wall you could imagine and then checked into my room at The Peabody on International Drive yesterday afternoon. I arrived early so I had at least one day of the room to myself before my roommate shows up. Dun dun dun dun dun....

Last night I got a call from Averitt that a few people from my team were meeting in the lobby in 10 minutes. I hurried to get ready and then discovered that the outing was to buy some thumb drives for presentations this week. We all piled into my boss's rental car and then sat in traffic forever while we creeped down I-Drive to Office Depot. After that we decided to find a place to eat. My boss gave us two options- "We can either drive down to Wacky World (I-Drive) or head downtown to Church St. Station." Now, if you've ever been to Orlando and have had the pleasure of driving the Strip (aka I-Drive) you'll notice that it goes from nicely landscaped convention center hotels to bizzaro strip malls and countless Bargain Worlds, oh and don't forget to throw in a couple of upside down buildings too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Things have been crazy busy at work! I've just spent 2 days at the "Mini-KickOff" and tomorrow I fly down to Orlando for the big one. In spite of all my business (busy-ness?) one thing is clear. K-Fed is a ridiculous human being. There I said it. Ridic... even CNN thinks so. Hahah

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So..how was your weekend?

Ouch. Mother Nature definitely contributed to the downward spiral that was my weekend. After a disappointing rainy start to the holiday weekend, we decided to make the trek to Jay Peak in northern Vermont from the house in New Hampshire. The rain and 50 degree temperatures turned to snow, wind, and temperatures in the teens at some point overnight so were a little shocked when we woke up. The drive to Jay was a mess, and began with an extremely precarious ride through Crawford Notch near Mt. Washington. Once we got through the notch, where the wind was whipping the snow off the road, to Bretton Woods, the roads became much trickier and we almost slid into a rather large SUV because the driver decided that it would be a good idea to take a right before deciding upon taking a left. From Bretton Woods, the roads got a lot snowier, to the point where we totally missed the exit to 93N because the road was indistinguishable from the rest of the snow covered ground. Matt did a great job of getting us after Jay Peak and it was decided that I make a terrible navigator and need to be sedated the next time we drive in the snow. When we got to Jay we were warned about buying tickets because, "Dude, it's not even worth it. At all." Not something you want to hear after a 3 hour drive in the snow. We decided to take some "evaluation runs" (read: did not buy tickets) and I discovered that my poles were stolen when we got outside. By this point I was fuming and slammed some doors around, stomped into the Ski Shop and bought some new ones. Then we managed to take 4 runs (free) before we just couldn't take it anymore. The guy inside was definitely right. What a waste of my ski wax (thank god those weren't stolen too) We ended up cutting our losses, driving another 2 hours to Burlington and ended up at the Magic Hat Brewery. Then we got back into the car and drove 3 hours back to North Conway. Things didn't get any better when we arrived at Sunday River the next morning. We knew things were wrong when we got an amazing parking spot at White Cap and then found out that only one lift was open and we couldn't get to the rest of the mountain from there. Unless we wanted to ski Greencheese all day we'd have to get on a shuttle that makes every stop you can imagine all around Sunday River's accommodations. I think the kicker of my weekend, after skiing in bitter cold temperatures on the only 3 trails that were open because all of the lifts were closed down due to high winds, was when I got to the top of the stairs at the Barker Pub where they makes the best damn Bloody Mary you've ever had and it was CLOSED. I almost had a breakdown right there. I'm sorry Foggy Goggle, but tomato juice and vodka with a lemon and lime slice does not constitute as a beverage.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Musings on LOST

Getting lost with LOST

Matt and I got into
Lost pretty late in the game. At the moment, we're about halfway through Season 1 but it's SOOO tempting to start watching Season 2 on Wednesday nights. We've gotten ourselves into a tricky situation here due to the nature of the show..... Basically you miss one episode and you're totally, well, lost! Matt fell asleep during an episode the other night and now he feels on his own deserted island. (Almost like that)

So while the temptation to skip ahead is rearing it's ugly head, we know what we've got to do... keep plugging away with Season 1. And for the love of God don't ruin it for us!!!

"New Jersey: Come See For Yourself."

It seems that Jersey's new slogan is causing an uproar. How about this for a slogan.."New Jersey, we couldn't afford to live in New York"

Actually as I recall, Jen and I came up with a rather fitting slogan for New Jersey while driving through on a roadtrip to visit Val in DC.

"New Jersey, what is that smell?!?"


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Other News...

Perusing the headlines last night on CNN, I came across the bank robber-hostage story

Suspected bank robber dead after standoff

near Disney World.

Haaa! I bet Disney's publicist was painting her toenails Minnie Mouse red last night while watching CNN and upon coming across this story screamed "But we're the happiest place on earth god damn it! We don't have bank robberies!" At which point parents around the world deemed WDW an unfit destination for children and the Disney stock instantly plummeted.

All because of the word "near".... near set the whole Disney Empire into a tizzy. And in 2 weeks when I head to Orlando for a Sales Kick-Off I'm going to be paranoid of bank robbers the whole time I'm down there. Damnnnit!


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


While I'm here at work, and doubtless a few of you are too... I'll leave you with some great pictures that my sister has taken. Maybe it's because the air conditioner is blasting my desk right now and it's 32degrees outside, or maybe it's because it's only Tuesday and I'm already planning my weekend... (one of my favorites...framed in my bf's room)
(black and white taken at Attitash)

(...that's gonna leave a mark- oooof)

And finally, I'll leave you with another one of my favorites of the Hall Chairlift at Attitash with Mt. Washington (in New Hampshire's White Mountains) in the background. This lift was actually painted black this year so the pic is now dated. It still doesn't make up for the fact that the chair is dirt-old and breaks down! What??? Hahah still, I like it better than the Summit Triple that runs so slow I've aged 5 years by the time I get to the top.

(Chairlift at Attitash, Mt. Washington in background)

Jessica's Site
check it out!

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Ski Report Cont.

I have been a fan of Mont Sutton ever since a week long ski trip there over winter break back in 2002 with 6 friends. Even though we spent 7 days cooped up in the "Nut Hut" and almost managed to kill each other, Mont Sutton still sticks out in my mind as being a great place to ski. Almost exactly four years later, I found myself back at Mont Sutton on New Years Day. The lodge was a little more updated than I remembered it, but everything else remained the same. Haha one of my memories was of the corrals (see below) which always made me wonder... why make such a fuss and put all that wood together for the sake of line formation? Are you too good for rope up here in Quebec?

Believe me, there is definitely no ducking under that thing and cutting the line! Luckily the lines weren't too big on New Years Day. Not surprising though, since New Years Day shares the same day as National Hangover Day (something I was lucky enough to avoid thanks to our sobering 5 hour 5 course dinner- but more about that later)...

Sutton was the first place we'd skiied in weeks that didn't resemble an ice skating rink. The glades were a little thin in spots, but there's nothing like hearing the faint shoosh of snow when all you've heard for the past few weeks have been crrrrrrrrrrrr whoaaa was that Wayne Gretzsky skating by? It's a good thing I like ice skating or I would never survive skiing in the Northeast.

Sometime after lunch we made our way over to the wild-yonder section of the mountain that was practically deserted besides a stray Canadian every once in a while. I made the mistake of letting Matt pick the first trail to go down on that side of the mountain. ~Double Diamond glade called Emotion.~ This trail ended up resembling something you would be kayaking down, not on two planks strapped to your feet. It was ugly, we'll leave it at that. I whipped out my camera for evidence purposes and three minutes later Matt was nowhere to be seen but yelling, "Hey hun... you might want to take that other way." The other way?! The trail under the chair lift that looked wayy too hideously icy, rocky, steep, and grassy! (yes grass) to even be open? It wasn't open from the top by the way. Now, I'll admit that I am a good skier and can handle myself in a lot of situations. However, I'm not one to put myself in situations that usually involve cliffs, rocks, I like to avoid grass
whenever I can, and basically limit any chance of injury that I possibly can. Lord knows how, but I managed to avoid imminent death and made it off the crag. I'll bring my kayak next time.

On a lighter note... I'll leave you with a picture that will make any skier/rider drool...

Just look at that corduroy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Ski Report

Jay Peak & Mont Sutton
For New Years, Matt and I made the trek up to Northern Vermont and Quebec to ski at Jay Peak and Mont Sutton. What a great time! The picture to the left is the view from the top of Jay Peak at the Tram house looking out over a
teensy bit of Vermont and a whole lot of Canada. First of all, if you're a skier or rider you've got to get to Jay Peak. It is such an impressive mountain. Unfortunately, we weren't able to take advantage of their famous amounts of snow, but we will definitely be heading back there this season. When you're driving in to Jay Peak you'll see the mountain far before you actually get to it. A lot of the mountain's steeps weren't open when we were there due to the lack of snow and the glades were pretty icy. We did manage to find some great trails over to the far left of the mountain where the crowds were small and the snow was still pretty good. (All of New England had pretty icy conditions this past weekend )