Friday, October 27, 2006

One for the Road

Ok, I couldn't resist a story before I leave... I won't be online for a week anyway, so I have to give you something to whet your appetites.

Now I'll tell you, I've been to Ireland before, twice actually. The first time was an absolutely amazing experience, and the second time was, well work hell on that International Business chaos level. But anyway, my first trip to Ireland coincided with my 21st birthday and St. Patrick's Day (I was lucky enough to be born on the Ides of March (15th) and not that pesky St. Patrick's Day). I was living in France at the time of the trip and first met my bestest Jen in London (she was living there at the time) and then my mom and sister the next day. Besides a 4 hour convoluted bus route through every suburb of Heathrow where I was sure we'd see the gals from Bend It Like Beckham kicking around a 'football' any second, we made it to Ireland without a hitch. Background aside, the story begins here: We were staying in Galway and decided to make the 4 hour or so drive to Dublin for the day. On the way out there we passed McDonald's after McDonald's all with signs tempting me with a Green Shamrock Shake. Ohhh I wanted one sooo bad all day. We finally stopped at a McDonald's on the way home and stopped in the restroom before ordering. Lo and behold, on the way to the restroom was passed something unsightly.... a 4 year old had just thrown up his Green Shamrock Shake all over the floor. Saying nothing I passed the scene of the incident and made my way to the line where my sister and Jen were waiting. "Did you uhhh see that" says my sister. I replied with, "I don't want to talk about it." "Are you still getting a shake??" Jen says. "Absolutely."

And I ordered my Green Shamrock Shake... it wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be though.

Luck o' the Irish

Matt and I will be leaving for Ireland in just a few hours! We're heading over there specifically for the Dublin Marathon which is sure to be a great time. I'm not running (*gasp), but Matt and his parents will be. I've heard good things about the "Friendly Marathon" and the events that surround it.

After the marathon on Monday, we'll be travelling to Waterford- where I can check out the crystal competition ; ) - and then to Kilkenny for some Medieval flavor. I'll be sure to share some pics when I return!

Wish the Carrier fam luck in their marathon!

A bientot!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

International Flair

I can proudly add some international flair to So you want to be an International Business major today with two links to some great blogs:

First be sure to check out Germany is for Lovers - where my dear friend Jen describes her days in Germany after following her study abroad love there after they both spend a year in the MBA program at URI.

Then check out Fleur de Vie for the latest in French news and culture from my former French major madamoiselle out in California now.

Rep Stories

I always like to hear tales from the reps that my sister interacts with... it usually involves bribes with food but today it is really something special.....

"Ahahahah this rep came in and in the middle of giving his spiel all of a
sudden we hear the song "lets get it on" start playing. Everyone just
starts looking at each other like WTF?? Then the rep pulls his phone out of
his pocket and says "oh that's my girlfriend, i gave her a special
ring....let's get it on....she likes that" Mind you this rep has to be in
his mid to late 50s, completely gray and balding. TOO MUCH INFORMATION.
And really did you have to explain yourself? Does that make it any better?
No, it makes it worse. Wow that was a disturbing picture he painted."

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I live for LOST

**Caution- Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to know what happened in last night’s episode stop right here (and go watch it!)**

Last May I didn’t know how I was going to survive until October without new episodes of Lost. The drought ended last night with the Season 3 Premiere, A Tale of Two Cities. Finally! The Losties have returned…. Only this time, it’s all about the Others.

They have muffins?!?! Shortly into the episode we realize that the pretty, yet melancholy woman who puts on Petula Clark’s Downtown on her CD player while baking muffins for a book club does not reside in Suburbia, but on the Island! It’s in this opening scene that we see 1) that the Others saw the plane come down from their commune across the island 2) they mobilized to send Ethan to the fuselage and Goodwin to the Tail section to pretend they were survivors and get lists of names within 3 days and 3) how HUGE the island is!

The rest of the episode covered: Jack’s painful flashbacks involving his ex-wife, Sarah and father (although not involved, as we found out), Jack’s encounter with Juliet (the melancholy woman with the muffins) while he was in a holding room, Kate’s shower scene (haha not as steamy as sounds), and Sawyer’s genius breakthrough in the monkey cage.

More importantly, the episode answered some questions, and of course left us with about 20 more in its place.

Questions answered:
-Ahhh that explains the polar bears
-Shark with Dharma logo on its tale from the raft at sea scene… from the Dharma Aquarium of course
-Walt’s “They’re not who they say they are” Damn straight. They’ve got a nice little set up on the middle of that island. Electricity, grilled cheese and everything! And let me add this… How do you give up a grilled cheese sandwich Jack?!
-How Ethan and Goodwin ended up in the mix
-How they got the names of the people they wanted and discovered Sawyer’s real name (background checks)

Ok now for some more unanswered questions:
-How are the Others getting access to all of this modern technology/electricity/background information?
-What in the world are they doing there??
-How do they get around the island so fast considering how huge it is?
-Did Benry say something else to Kate at breakfast that made her have that look in her eye when she saw Sawyer?
-etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I’ve been tasked to come up with the Team Building Activity for the upcoming All Hands Department meeting on Friday. Personally, I can’t see why engaging in the most useful team building activity of all time (drinking at the bar) is unacceptable, but this is the HR Department and things like that are often lost on them. My last Training Department was within the Sales Organization far from the clutches of HR, and a lot more fun. So, forced to come up with an HR friendly training activity, I’ve been perusing the “Team Games” and “101 More Training Games” books all day. Frankly, I’ve never seen so much ridiculousness in my life. One of these books is from Australia and apparently, it’s acceptable to have all team member pee in a tube to get some contraption to work. Envision a sort of Mousetrap set up where you and your co-workers must come together and pee in a tube to get the job done. I don’t know what they’re doing down there in Corporate Australia, but the exercise after that features the FART method for dealing with paperwork. Next time you’ve got a bunch of paperwork remember this: F: File A:Act on It R: Refer/Delegate T: Throw it Away!

Ohhh boy it’s going to be a long week. Please let me know if you have any useful Training Games that you’ve used.