Where do I want to be right now?

Fashion Week. New York City.

Where do I not want to be right now... face to face with Naomi Campbell-she's crazy! I would imagine that the scariest job in the world would be Naomi Campbell's assistant. Just today I've heard that she backed a woman up against a wall and started punching her in the face Tyson-style just because she had the same dress on as her AND had a temper tantrum fit. She even has her own daily tantrum alert... apparently her reputation precedes her.

Naomi tantrum alert: Naomi Campbell was scheduled to walk
the runway at Chris Aire's jewelry presentation Tuesday, but did not. Women'
Wear Daily reports that Campbell stormed out of her fitting when she realized
she would not be wearing the highlight of the show — a $40 million dress made
completely of diamonds.

Honestly kids, beauty isn't everything... remember it's no excuse to run around terrorizing people.

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