Cross your fingers!

The tickets are booked for the Keys! Yeah yeah I know... who books a vacation to the Florida Keys right before they're supposed to be hit my a major hurricane? Well I do. I couldn't resist Spirit Air's sale (that ends today I might add) that will get me down to Ft. Lauderdale in 3 hours from Providence at less than $200. I used to fly them all the time and they had a really great price for the PVD-FLL trip. However, they thought it would be a great idea to nearly triple the price of that flight : O!!! Outrageous. Luckily I caught them with a sale this time, the only thing was that I couldn't wait to see what this storm did. Thank God for travel insurance. I think the $12 for each of us is a good investment this time. Ahhhhhhh I can't wait! I haven't seen my dad in forever and I could really use some sun and salt water right now. I just hope the boyfriend can handle the Keys and all those sea creature encounters that my dad just loves to impose upon people ; )

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