World Peace

V has always been the "green one"out of the three of us. The three of us being VMJ, best friends since freshman year/my sophomore year of college. J and I are now living together again, her in grad school and me working at a Tech Company in Sales Training. Our dearest V however, has decided to take another path in life and join the Peace Corps. I'm writing this post now because I've just received my first email from the tiny island nation of Tonga, where V will be living and working for the next 2 years. 2 years?!? Oh God I can't even fathom it yet... at least now it's slightly less than 2 years... 1 day down.

Tonga Tonga Tonga... I'd never heard of the "Friendly Islands" until news that V was being sent there for her Peace Corps assignment. I had to say that I was relieve though that she wasn't being sent to some war torn African country just because she had a few years of French in high school.

Her first email was very positive, minus the fear of potentially vicious pigs, and I'm sure she's ready to get rolling in her new home. There are even flip flop stores! I love flip flops... I could live in them year round except for flip flops in the snow is not pleasant, I've tried.

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