In Other News...

Perusing the headlines last night on CNN, I came across the bank robber-hostage story

Suspected bank robber dead after standoff

near Disney World.

Haaa! I bet Disney's publicist was painting her toenails Minnie Mouse red last night while watching CNN and upon coming across this story screamed "But we're the happiest place on earth god damn it! We don't have bank robberies!" At which point parents around the world deemed WDW an unfit destination for children and the Disney stock instantly plummeted.

All because of the word "near".... near set the whole Disney Empire into a tizzy. And in 2 weeks when I head to Orlando for a Sales Kick-Off I'm going to be paranoid of bank robbers the whole time I'm down there. Damnnnit!



  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Hey you have a cool site... can you login to your clust map thingy and invite me? It says I have to be invited...

  2. Hey there! Yeah Cluster Maps was a great addition to the site. I don't see where I can invite but try this link then Register Here.


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