The Ski Report Cont.

I have been a fan of Mont Sutton ever since a week long ski trip there over winter break back in 2002 with 6 friends. Even though we spent 7 days cooped up in the "Nut Hut" and almost managed to kill each other, Mont Sutton still sticks out in my mind as being a great place to ski. Almost exactly four years later, I found myself back at Mont Sutton on New Years Day. The lodge was a little more updated than I remembered it, but everything else remained the same. Haha one of my memories was of the corrals (see below) which always made me wonder... why make such a fuss and put all that wood together for the sake of line formation? Are you too good for rope up here in Quebec?

Believe me, there is definitely no ducking under that thing and cutting the line! Luckily the lines weren't too big on New Years Day. Not surprising though, since New Years Day shares the same day as National Hangover Day (something I was lucky enough to avoid thanks to our sobering 5 hour 5 course dinner- but more about that later)...

Sutton was the first place we'd skiied in weeks that didn't resemble an ice skating rink. The glades were a little thin in spots, but there's nothing like hearing the faint shoosh of snow when all you've heard for the past few weeks have been crrrrrrrrrrrr whoaaa was that Wayne Gretzsky skating by? It's a good thing I like ice skating or I would never survive skiing in the Northeast.

Sometime after lunch we made our way over to the wild-yonder section of the mountain that was practically deserted besides a stray Canadian every once in a while. I made the mistake of letting Matt pick the first trail to go down on that side of the mountain. ~Double Diamond glade called Emotion.~ This trail ended up resembling something you would be kayaking down, not on two planks strapped to your feet. It was ugly, we'll leave it at that. I whipped out my camera for evidence purposes and three minutes later Matt was nowhere to be seen but yelling, "Hey hun... you might want to take that other way." The other way?! The trail under the chair lift that looked wayy too hideously icy, rocky, steep, and grassy! (yes grass) to even be open? It wasn't open from the top by the way. Now, I'll admit that I am a good skier and can handle myself in a lot of situations. However, I'm not one to put myself in situations that usually involve cliffs, rocks, I like to avoid grass
whenever I can, and basically limit any chance of injury that I possibly can. Lord knows how, but I managed to avoid imminent death and made it off the crag. I'll bring my kayak next time.

On a lighter note... I'll leave you with a picture that will make any skier/rider drool...

Just look at that corduroy.


  1. Looks and sounds like a great place. Happy New Year.

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Hahaha ohh the Nut Hut


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