was your weekend?

Ouch. Mother Nature definitely contributed to the downward spiral that was my weekend. After a disappointing rainy start to the holiday weekend, we decided to make the trek to Jay Peak in northern Vermont from the house in New Hampshire. The rain and 50 degree temperatures turned to snow, wind, and temperatures in the teens at some point overnight so were a little shocked when we woke up. The drive to Jay was a mess, and began with an extremely precarious ride through Crawford Notch near Mt. Washington. Once we got through the notch, where the wind was whipping the snow off the road, to Bretton Woods, the roads became much trickier and we almost slid into a rather large SUV because the driver decided that it would be a good idea to take a right before deciding upon taking a left. From Bretton Woods, the roads got a lot snowier, to the point where we totally missed the exit to 93N because the road was indistinguishable from the rest of the snow covered ground. Matt did a great job of getting us after Jay Peak and it was decided that I make a terrible navigator and need to be sedated the next time we drive in the snow. When we got to Jay we were warned about buying tickets because, "Dude, it's not even worth it. At all." Not something you want to hear after a 3 hour drive in the snow. We decided to take some "evaluation runs" (read: did not buy tickets) and I discovered that my poles were stolen when we got outside. By this point I was fuming and slammed some doors around, stomped into the Ski Shop and bought some new ones. Then we managed to take 4 runs (free) before we just couldn't take it anymore. The guy inside was definitely right. What a waste of my ski wax (thank god those weren't stolen too) We ended up cutting our losses, driving another 2 hours to Burlington and ended up at the Magic Hat Brewery. Then we got back into the car and drove 3 hours back to North Conway. Things didn't get any better when we arrived at Sunday River the next morning. We knew things were wrong when we got an amazing parking spot at White Cap and then found out that only one lift was open and we couldn't get to the rest of the mountain from there. Unless we wanted to ski Greencheese all day we'd have to get on a shuttle that makes every stop you can imagine all around Sunday River's accommodations. I think the kicker of my weekend, after skiing in bitter cold temperatures on the only 3 trails that were open because all of the lifts were closed down due to high winds, was when I got to the top of the stairs at the Barker Pub where they makes the best damn Bloody Mary you've ever had and it was CLOSED. I almost had a breakdown right there. I'm sorry Foggy Goggle, but tomato juice and vodka with a lemon and lime slice does not constitute as a beverage.

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  1. Sorry you had such a crap weekend. The only part that sounded good was the Magic Hat Brewery. Too bad you didn't start out there ;-)


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