Welcome to Wacky World

My 10 day trip to Orlando has been nothing short of interesting, that's for sure. I spent 2 magical days at the wondeful world of Disney with children bouncing of every wall you could imagine and then checked into my room at The Peabody on International Drive yesterday afternoon. I arrived early so I had at least one day of the room to myself before my roommate shows up. Dun dun dun dun dun....

Last night I got a call from Averitt that a few people from my team were meeting in the lobby in 10 minutes. I hurried to get ready and then discovered that the outing was to buy some thumb drives for presentations this week. We all piled into my boss's rental car and then sat in traffic forever while we creeped down I-Drive to Office Depot. After that we decided to find a place to eat. My boss gave us two options- "We can either drive down to Wacky World (I-Drive) or head downtown to Church St. Station." Now, if you've ever been to Orlando and have had the pleasure of driving the Strip (aka I-Drive) you'll notice that it goes from nicely landscaped convention center hotels to bizzaro strip malls and countless Bargain Worlds, oh and don't forget to throw in a couple of upside down buildings too.

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  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    could be worse, you could be creepin down 138 to the corporate offices.


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