Ad Sense (less) & Mesothelioma

So I've been participating in Google's Adsense program since September and I've made a whopping $9.13...that's almost $1.90 a month. Not exactly something I can retire off of yet! It's kind of cool to write a random blog entry and see what kind of ads I get out of it. For some reason though, I don't seem to be generating the famous high pay out keywords like anything to do with the word credit... or randomly enough, mesothelioma and asbestos (especially cancer and lawyers). How many people write sites dedicated to the cause? Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that mesothelioma is a serious topic. My step-father even died from this 2 years ago and it was a slow and painful disease. And if you're interested... feel free to click on the ad at the top (cross my fingers that I get it!) because the alleged pay out for that keyword is something like $80 a click!


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous of your $1.90 a month. Currently, I'm only making $0.02 a month, so I clearly need to be taking some adsense lessons from you.

  2. Getting good ad targeting is key. Also, don't explicitly ask people to click on your ads: that's considered a kind of "click fraud" which is against Google's TOS.


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