Grey's Anatomy Monday morning recap

Did anyone catch Grey's last night? Cupcakes are so "in". (see post 2/20) Personally, I would probably pick the man who surprised me with a cupcake over the man on his deathbed who looks like the brother from Everybody Love Raymond... but that's why I'm not a doctor now isn't it. All I can do about last night's episode is shake my head... tsk tsk. First of all, Meredith...whyyy ohh whyy would you sleep with George. Ok, the writers made you do it, that really is the only thing that can explain that. Then there's the whole "I'm in love with a heart transplant patient" scheme so we're all lead to believe that Alex will pull the plug on the man in a fit of jealousy. We'll see about that won't we? Oyyy this is too much emotional garbage to leave me with Grey's... Usually all of that stuff is neatly wrapped up at the end of the episode and then trucked away. And don't even get me started on Desperate Housewives flaking out on me again.

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  1. Now, we know that George looks like Thatcher. And we know that Meredith had just seen her father for the first time in twenty years. And that she'd spent a day being extra-bombarded by her situation with McDreamy.

    And then George stood in front of her and said "I won't leave you. I'll always love you." and she did what so many women do. She slept with her friend because it seemed safe and easy and good. And like many women she quickly discovered that it was a bad idea.


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