I've definitely been slacking on these posts lately. It's been busy with graduation parties and getting Matt ready to ship off to New Zealand on June 1st. The grad parties are over now so it's time to pack, clean, ship Geekos off, etc.... Anyway...

I already miss Lost...*sigh* Who knew I would get so addicted to a tv show?! I'm actually about to start the book "Bad Twin" so we'll see how that ties in.

In other news, summer has finally graced us here in Rhode Island. This weekend was gorgeous, but very hot and humid. Saturday was interesting because it went from sunny skies to torrential downpour in the time span of one shopping round at the Gap (and I didn't even try anything on...). The rain was kind of a nice break from the humidity, although somehow the rain descended upon Garden City in Cranston and missed Providence all together so it was still hot as hell in the apartment when we got back there. Sunday was Matt's graduation party/lobster bake and the weather was perfect! Definitely better than last Sunday's sunny/pouring rain episode.

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