Fresh Start

Yaaaaayy! A blog post from me! I know you're all thrilled. So let's get down to it. First of all, an update:
I'm approaching the 90 day mark at my new job and the most noticeable difference in my life is that my blogging/random website searching/social networking has suffered considerably. Who knew that not all businesses were cool with you doing that on company time? Then again, the company that I left just layed-off 360 people last Friday... hmm go figure. I will just toss out a word of advice to all of you young bucks just starting out there in the real world. I'll admit, I left my former job for greener pastures... what I came to find out was that starting a new job sucks. Sure sure it's all fun and shiny and new for the first 2 weeks... but that gets old reaaaal fast. I can't say that I regret leaving that former company-360 people were layed off and all-but I did trade in some really great people to work with, for, let's just say, co-workers that drove me right to Barnes and Noble to pick up my very own copy of Successfully Dealing with Difficult People. And that, my friends is no word of a lie. : ) Still, I love the product, and this week we actually got 90% on the products in the beloved "Back Room"!! Damn that discount... it's poison.

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