I live for LOST

**Caution- Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to know what happened in last night’s episode stop right here (and go watch it!)**

Last May I didn’t know how I was going to survive until October without new episodes of Lost. The drought ended last night with the Season 3 Premiere, A Tale of Two Cities. Finally! The Losties have returned…. Only this time, it’s all about the Others.

They have muffins?!?! Shortly into the episode we realize that the pretty, yet melancholy woman who puts on Petula Clark’s Downtown on her CD player while baking muffins for a book club does not reside in Suburbia, but on the Island! It’s in this opening scene that we see 1) that the Others saw the plane come down from their commune across the island 2) they mobilized to send Ethan to the fuselage and Goodwin to the Tail section to pretend they were survivors and get lists of names within 3 days and 3) how HUGE the island is!

The rest of the episode covered: Jack’s painful flashbacks involving his ex-wife, Sarah and father (although not involved, as we found out), Jack’s encounter with Juliet (the melancholy woman with the muffins) while he was in a holding room, Kate’s shower scene (haha not as steamy as sounds), and Sawyer’s genius breakthrough in the monkey cage.

More importantly, the episode answered some questions, and of course left us with about 20 more in its place.

Questions answered:
-Ahhh that explains the polar bears
-Shark with Dharma logo on its tale from the raft at sea scene… from the Dharma Aquarium of course
-Walt’s “They’re not who they say they are” Damn straight. They’ve got a nice little set up on the middle of that island. Electricity, grilled cheese and everything! And let me add this… How do you give up a grilled cheese sandwich Jack?!
-How Ethan and Goodwin ended up in the mix
-How they got the names of the people they wanted and discovered Sawyer’s real name (background checks)

Ok now for some more unanswered questions:
-How are the Others getting access to all of this modern technology/electricity/background information?
-What in the world are they doing there??
-How do they get around the island so fast considering how huge it is?
-Did Benry say something else to Kate at breakfast that made her have that look in her eye when she saw Sawyer?
-etc. etc. etc.

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