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Ok so it's not too often that we spot celebrities in Providence. With all the movies they film around here you know they're out there somewhere, but they're often elusive creatures... Today Matt and I actually spotted Katherine Heigl at Whole Foods checking out with some flowers and other eco-goodies. Matt was the first one to see her (he must be on the lookout after seeing her downtown recently) but I will definitely confirm that it was her. She's so much shorter in person! But still very cute, I must say.

This is an addition to yesterday's post....
I came across an article from Access Hollywood where Katherine talks about her plans on hanging out in Newport, with castmast T.R. Knight (aka George from Grey's).

One person who couldn’t come to the premiere was Katherine’s good friend (and “Grey’s Anatomy” castmate), T.R. Knight. “(He) totally ditched me for the Obie Awards,” she said in mock disdain. “What a bad friend. The Obie Awards, why? Why would you ditch me for that? Never forgive you.”

Her tune changed, however, when she was reminded that she’d be seeing him in a week. “Yes he’s gonna come and visit me. Okay, now I like (him) again, we’re friends again,” she said, laughing. “I’m doing a film in Providence, and he’s only coming so we can drive to Newport and hang out in Newport. He doesn’t want to see me; he wants to go to the mansions in Newport.”

Well, one thing is for sure. That shaggy guy we saw her with at Whole Foods definitely wasn't George...

Stay tuned.


  1. ooh celeb sitings are soo fun!
    how long will they be filming in RI?

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Good Job! :)


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