Guilty Pleasures: BBC America

Ever since my first jaunt across the pond as a senior in high school, I've loved the BBC. British television has some allure that I just can't shake. Eventually, I discovered BBC America, back in the days when Eastenders and Ground Force were the only shows on and the only commercials were those "As Seen on TV" spots. I was thrilled when The Graham Norton Show came to BBC America and I'm still DVR'ing it today. There was also a short time when Graham Norton came to America and my best friend Jen and I almost made it out to NYC to sit in the audience. I'm still kicking myself for not going!

Today I have a whole set of BBClicious shows to watch. My favorite Footballer's Wives, which is on Wicked Wednesdays, the soap Hollyoaks, and the Graham Norton Show, of course.

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