VMA's aka Video Music Anarchy

Ohh boyyy did you see the 2007 VMA's? I've heard that this is the first and last year that MTV will be in Vegas... it's probably for the best. After jumping in on the show halfway through I couldn't help but be totally confused by the chaos that ensued. "Kayne... why are you roaming through the halls of the Palms?" "Is that...Fall Out Boy and 300 fans packed in a hotel room with Gym Class Heros??" "What is going onnnn? I thought this was an award show!"

Anyway, bottom-line, the VMA's were a sight to be seen this year. Things opened up with a much anticipated performance by every one's favorite mess, Britney Spears. Enter Britney: wearing a sparkly bra and underwear set (there's a good picture of it at BBC News) and little more (ok and a giant sparkling cuff, which may or may not be this piece that I tried on at work a few weeks ago thinking hmm now where can I wear this? No where outside of LA, NYC, or Vegas unfortunately-pass). Britney and her ensemble sashayed around the stage to her new song "Gimme some more" while Brit Brit made a half-hearted attempt to lip sync the words. Granted, Britney is a single working mom with 2 kids, but you'd think she would have taken more time to actually learn the words of her new song, as she was visibly off a good deal of the time. Ouchhh... overall, it was an ambitious move for her "comeback", and proved to be a lackluster appearance. Poor thing, I'm rooting for her, I really am, but she makes it so hard!

In other news, a night out in Vegas isn't complete without a fist fight between two rockers and Kidd Rock stepped up to the plate and slugged Tommy Lee during the Alicia Keys performance.
Ohh Pam, which one do you choose? How about neither, you're better off with a box of chocolates and Footballers Wives than those degenerates!


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    After all she'a done (especially to her kids), exactly why are you rooting for her?

  2. Compassion, I don't believe she's a bad person but like many of the celebrities out there making stupid mistakes, she needs to wake up and take responsibility or get professional help to learn how to do so.

  3. if K-Fed gets custody, I lose all respect for Britney. Losing your kids to someone who was a loser before you married him is not acceptable. MArrying someone who has an unborn child with another woman is equally a bad decision, clearly his values are not focused on loyalty but aparently he's proved to be a better parent which is really quite sad for Brit.

  4. Yeah that alone would be enough for me to wake up and toe the line! How hard is it to be better than K-Fed! That's all she has to be right now.


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