Old and New

I just saw the new Britney video for Gimme More... in a word, ewww. To make matters worse, the next video on was Crazy. Granted I'm not a huge Britney fan to begin with, but come on!!! Crazy is the best! It's all pre-Federline Britney AND has Melissa Joan Hart and the always cute Adrian Grenier... it must have been from that movie they did back in the day. Hahah was it called Drive Me Crazy? I can't even remember. Oh yeah, it definitely was. Come to think of it, I don't think I've even seen any music videos since Drive Me Crazy was in theaters... so why now? Matt is passed out on the couch (Sunday OD on football, beer, and football food) and there's nothing on TV so I ventured up to BBC America, nothing- and then thought I'd try MTV Hits. Alas! The elusive music video. Ohhh ok I get it, Latest and Greatest. Hence the new Britney and old Britney. Right now it's Fall Out Boy in Africa, hmm kinda weird...eeek! And depressing. It ends with a village on fire, barbed wire and knives. I wish I could fast forward this right now. There isn't even any music playing! Bored FOB. Bored. Ok ok I appreciate that they're trying to bring awareness to the children in Uganda. I get it. Ok I think I'm over music videos anyway... I kinda miss the crazy videos of the 90's.

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