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I've had Sirius radio now for quite a while and I almost wrote a post about how much I love it earlier... but alas, procrastination go the best of me once again. So here we are on the topic of Sirius and how entertaining I've found it to be. First I'll say that my favorite music station is The Beat and I'm proud to say that I now know all of the club hits that I hear at the gym without having to go clubbing! It's so much fun! Another channel I've discovered is none other than the Martha Stewart Living channel. One day while waiting for Matt to come down from his 25th floor office (which sometimes takes forever...) I was flipping through all of the stations and stumble across Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer. I was curious and started listening... Alexis, by the way is Martha's daughter. Well, now a few months later I love listening to their show! Hilarious New York girls just chit chatting about the most random topics ever. They remind me of my two best friends who are both scattered across the globe. One in Germany and the other in Tonga (yeah I didn't know where that was either but now I know that it's located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean... relatively close to Fiji and up the underwater trench from New Zealand). Anywho, if you're a Sirius subscriber definitely tune in to check it out. They're on Channel 112 from 5-7 weekdays. Or you could go to their website

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