Wikipedia is a slippery slope

jem4415: Sunset Beach will be released on DVD for the first time on 25 July 2008.
jem4415: I'm buying it.
IcCa484: oh snap!
jem415: isn't that awesome!!
IcCa484: how do you come across these things....
jem415: hahah i was actually looking at Charles in Charge
IcCa484: In one of the most outrageous storylines on the show, Virginia drugged Vanessa and, using a turkey baster and some stolen sperm, impregnated her with the child of Tyus Robinson, to make it appear Vanessa had been unfaithful to Michael, who was sterile.
jem415: and then I ventured into 1990's shows
jem415: wikipedia is a slippery slope
jem415: Ahhhhhhhh hahaah the turkey baster! The most ridiculous thing ever!
IcCa484: he show was known for other outrageous storylines, such Terror Island[8] in which several of the show's main characters were stranded on an island with a masked serial killer intent on killing them, especially Meg. A handful of characters were killed by the maniac, mostly minor characters introduced as serial killer-fodder, but also one lead character, young runaway made good Mark Wolper. In his dying moments Mark pulled off the killer's mask and audiences were stunned to see Ben's face behind it. As it turned out, Ben had an evil twin, Derek, who plagued Ben and Meg's lives off and on for the rest of the run of the show
IcCa484: i forgot about that!
jem415: serial killer-fodder
jem415: oh man... Derek
jem415: and that whipped cream bikini!
jem415: oyyy!
jem415: hot stuff that Sunset Beach!
IcCa484: wow i wish i had time to delve into the depths of wikipedia
jem415: like I said, it's a slippery slope
jem415: I'll send you my findings once a day
IcCa484: hah ok
jem415: I wonder if there are any clips on You Tube
jem415: jackpot
IcCa484: oh man
jem415: I feel like my mind was violated as a teenager because of this show

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