Time is Ticking Away

Even after a year and a half engagement, the last 5 months still seem so far away! We've been engaged for so long that its always been too early to do certain things. Don't worry, we obviously booked our wedding date and time, reserved our rooms for both the wedding and honeymoon weeks, I bought my dress, we started to register... but what about all of the other details?? I've run out of steam to make decisions! I have a loose vision of how I want things to come together in my head but I'm lacking direction.
Here is my latest inspiration board if anyone wants to volunteer to devise a plan for me!


  1. haha I knoe what you mean, it'S always too early but soon it will be too late. I'll be in full wedding mode when I'm home so we can take a day and get you some decorations. A trip to my favorite ribbon store, pick up some brightly colored lanterns (I heard Target had some cheap ones but it may be too winter now), stop by Home Goods and round it out with Joanne's. We'll just keep everything light and packable. Is there already an arch thing there or do you need to bring that with you? That will be hard to pack but maybe you could get some bamboo?

  2. Soooo pretty, you are on the fast track to a beautiful day!


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