Wallpaper.. the 8th Deadly Sin

Our dining room had a problem. Fussy wallpaper. Lots of it. We decided we could live with some wallpaper, but not all of it.

Naively, we started the removal process. What a mess! Luckily, my mom and grandmother were on hand to guide us. Apparently, my grandmother was a wallpaper fiend in the 70's and so my mom became an expert at removing it decades later.

Here's the progression. Once it was (almost) all off, we decided to paint the top part of the wall above the chair rail Sherwin William's Taupe Tone, just like the living room.

The most satisfying part of the removal process? Yanking off a huge piece. Here's Matt with his Trophy Wallpaper Piece.

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  1. That's the difference between buying and renting your walls. We painted over the wallpaper! Mostly becasue removing it would have revealed that our walls are actually not smooth and we didn't want ot tackle that problem. Glad to hear you're done with rennovations and onto deco!


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