A $75 Ikea Guest Bedroom Makeover

We actually had guests in our new house last weekend! Luckily, our first guest, on Friday night, was my talented sister. J kicked off her Interior Architecture shoes (she's NOT a decorator!) for the night and selected our make-over items from Ikea with a $75 budget.

As you can see from our Before image, the guest bedroom was bland, bland, bland. All of the "stuff" on the bed are materials for our make-over. We're not total slobs.

And we're off! I should say, J was off! I acted as her trusty assistant and Matt finally had a night off from home improvement.

First up? Installing a new drapery rod. Now I just need to do some hemming. Apparently Swedish windows are super tall.

The next part was easy. Assemble two new bedside lamps, and stuff pillows into pillow cases. We already had the two side tables. They came as part of an Ikea nesting table set and the large table is in our entry. We're still lacking something over the bed and a corner chair.

Next up- an overly complicated photo frame grid that involved way too much math at 1 a.m. This ambitious project was a challenge, but it looks great! Still no photos in there- but working on it! I'll repost when I fill them. Overall, the project was a great start to potential that this room holds! We even got to show it off on Saturday night when our next guests moved in!


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