Notes on a Lawn Mower

Tomorrow will be like Christmas morning for Matt. The day his brand new, very own lawn mower arrives from Sears. He can hardly contain himself right now. I'm happy because it makes him so happy. Even if it was funded by my bonus dollars. I'm also happy because I've seen what a beast our 1 acre lawn can be when the weather is warm. We moved in during the month of September, and didn't own a lawn mower at the time. After less than a week the lawn was embarrassingly wild and overgrown. We can only imagine what our neighbors must have thought about these two reckless kids who just moved in. Luckily, my grandparents came up with their "spare" mower, but it came with its caveats. For starters, only my grandfather could get it running, once it started- you better make sure it doesn't stop! Tomorrow will bring a new era of luxury to mowing my lawn. One that even includes a cupholder. I'm still petitioning for the sun shade

The Details
After much research online and in-store (we shopped Sears, Lowe's, and Home Depot), we settled on the Husqvarna 46" 20 hp Gas Powered Riding Lawn Tractor -49 state. Why 49 state? My only guess is that this baby is not emissions compliant with California. The model number (for research purposes) is 24046 and can be found on Sears' website here.
We also took advantage of a Friends and Family 10% off discount and were able to add on a free pull cart. We haven't purchased the bagger yet, but we will as soon as we see them on sale (and hopefully before I have to do too much raking).

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