Peacock Pop Art

They're finally up! I don't know why I'd been procrastinating hanging my beloved Peacock Pop Art in their teal frames, but something tells me it had to do with leveling and measuring. I sanded and painted the frames about two weeks ago, created the peacock prints a little after that, and since then they've been hanging out on my dresser.

Here's a close up of what one of the four look like:

This is an actual peacock from Sandals Whitehouse that I encountered on my honeymoon. Right after I took this shot, I went in for another one. At the precise moment I would hit the shutter, that hideous bird let out the worst noise you've ever heard. And scared the #$#% out of me. This is the shot.

The moral of this story, a peacock on the wall is worth is worth 10 in the bush. 
Point in case.


  1. i just laughed out loud at work when i saw the blurry photo! a REAL LOL.

  2. oh and PS... LOVE the pop art and frames! they are so cool and so "M"!

  3. Haha you and everyone else around me at Sandals LOL'd!


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