Oh Halloween.

Ohhh Halloween! This Halloween has been ridiculous. Ok ok so maybe it was just the weekend. We didn’t get much snow but we did get a lot of wind and literally, a hardy sneeze in Norton is enough to knock the power out- so there we were powerless from Saturday night until ---Monday a.m. A few towns over (and certainly in Western MA/CT) did get quite a bit of snow... as you can see here.

Merry Halloween!
Love, The Carriers

On top of it, a woodpecker has made it his mission to peck itself into our bedroom so we now have to find a woodpecker exterminator and someone to plug the decent size hole he has pecked into the side of our house. Now, I didn’t stay at home last night because we had no power but I’m fully expecting to find this thing lounging in my bed reading magazines when I return tonight. Unless the cat got it first and then it’s a win-win for the Carriers/Fifi.

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