Installing New Windows

In October, Matt and I took on one of the most challenging DIY projects to date. There's something to be said about this claim, especially when I weigh the previous projects and their pitfalls like removing wall paper, slinging mortar together to create a brick fire pit, and ripping out nasty carpet and replacing with wood floors.

The bottom line was that the windows in our home needed replacing. The 21 year old windows didn't look too bad from afar, but upon closer inspection (and after one especially frigid and snowy winter) we realized that they were not longer working for us. As first time home buyers, we never considered the state of the windows when we evaluated which home to purchase. In retrospect, I don't think it would have mattered anyway- we loved this house too much to be dissuaded by windows, but it will be something we would consider in the future, and we hope that the windows we're installing will add value to our house.

After some research, and going back and forth, we finally made some decisions right in time to take advantage of our state's Tax Free Weekend. Luckily, in addition to 0% state sales tax, Home Depot knew the fine consumers of Massachusetts were in the mood to spend some money so they also threw in a few perks to push us in the direction of Andersen Windows. Maybe something to keep in mind if you're in the market to buy new windows, any breaks you can get are worth the wait!

Here are some decision that we had to make:

Replacement vs. New Construction

Andersen 200 vs. 400 Series

Interior or Exterior Grilles

Interior and Exterior Finishes

I'll get into the details of these decisions in the next post.

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