4 months

My little nugget turned 4 months old last Friday (6.22.12). It's amazing how much they develop in 4 months. Size-wise, she only feels slightly bigger to me (she's 12.5lbs) but instead of being a little baby blob, she can hold her head up, grab things with more dexertity, and respond to my attempts at The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The first question I'm always asked is, "Does she sleep well?" an the answer is yes, starting at about 3-4 weeks she had no problem going to bed around 10p and sleeping until 6a with good stretches of naps during the day. Now that she's a little older the naps during the day are getting more challenging and so she'll go to bed earlier in the evening.She still sleeps best when she's swaddled, but now is able to break free so we'll only do it when she's really fussy and needs to settle down (like every night this week, thank you development leap!).

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