Before and After: Guest Bedroom Makeover

Ahhh Susan Circle's Guest Bedroom, the last outpost in our DIY rampage over the past 3 years. Truth be told, if we hadn't been faced with the prospect of selling our house it would still probably rest in the state you see below. Untouched by the current residents (us) and begging for a mercy makeover. 

The real offender was that wallpaper border just whimpering to be ripped down. Pair that with a washed out wall color and you have an easy recipe for a makeover!

I love painting so I took this one on all by myself. It only 2 days of baby-free time to get it done!

The paint we used was Sherwin Williams Watery. The same paint we used in our breezeway last fall. 

Ahhh now isn't that better? The update, along with some sheer curtains almost makes this room float on air!

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