Selling Our Home: Seller To Do List Part 1

[Note: requirements of sellers will differ in each state so be sure to consult your Real Estate Agent. We're selling our house in Massachusetts so will discuss our experience from that perspective.]

We sold our house in 3 Days. We closed in another 30 Days. Was it stressful? Heck yes. Did we wish we knew what we were doing, yes. Did we survive it anyway? We DID!

Our favorite posts are the ones where we hope that some part of it can help out someone else in the same boat who happens to find us via Pinterest or Google so if you're in the process of selling your home, take a look at our experience and hopefully something in here will be of assistance to you.

How did we get here? Here's a quick timeline of events:

July 27-28: Staging and photographing our house for MLS listing
August 1: Susan Circle listing goes live on MLS; we have 1 showing scheduled right away for 6pm that evening (cue panicked frenzy as I rush home to make our bed because we weren't expecting that. At all.)
August 2: Showing at 6:30pm
August 3: Showing at 4:30pm; Offer to purchase at 6:00pm
August 4: Counter offer; Final Offer accepted by us at 2:00pm (happy dance!)
August 5: Signed Offer Acceptance, Inspection scheduled for next day
August 6: Inspection by Buyers & Agents
August 7-8: Purchase and Sale prepared by Seller's (our) lawyer; back and forth between Seller/Buyer's lawyer
August 8: First visit from Title V Inspector
August 9: Purchase and Sale signed by both parties; Closing date of September 10th confirmed
August 10-12: Holiday weekend (RI holiday) = finally able to relax!
August 14: Run around town to collect Water Usage Report from Water Dept.; Schedule Fire Dept. Inspection
August 15: Fire Inspection; Septic Tank Pumping & Title V Inspection
August 20: Estimate from moving company
August 22: Oil company appointment to bring furnace up to code (requirement from Inspection)
August 23-25: Quick trip to the West Coast for a Wedding in La Jolla (I know, perfect timing!)
August 27: Charity donation pick up (these are so key when you're trying to reduce the amount of things you need to pack)
August 30-September 2: Serious packing long weekend, followed by serious packing week
September 7: 1-800-Got-Junk appointment, self move with Budget truck
September 8: Moving Company
September 9: Final cleaning and one more appointment with 1-800-Got-Junk, Walk through of Buyers at 6:00 p.m.
September 10: CLOSING!!!! 11:30 a.m. celebratory lunch with Real Estate Agent.

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