Benefits of becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Benefits of becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Pssst. Want to know the best deal in dōTERRA? Here's how to take advantage. Plus, during the month of November you can earn an extra $50 in points for your account.

This could be the right move for you if:
  • You love doTERRA essential oils and want to save the most money on them.
  • You like the idea of earning points towards free products with a loyalty program. (I do! I do!)
  • You want to buy directly from doTERRA and not worry about 3rd party websites which could be shady.

Wholesale Account - What's Included:

  • Your annual membership will save 25-55% off retail pricing plus other exclusive member-only benefits.
  • Earn points through the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Receive special offers like BOGO and limited time collections
  • Earn your shipping cost back in points
  • Earn free Product of the Month (I've gotten some great ones here!)
  • Renew next year for $25 and get a free Peppermint ($20.50 value)

What's the Cost?

Wholesale membership costs $35 to open your dōTERRA account. The membership fee is waived with a purchase of an enrollment kit, see more details below. 

I'd recommend investing in a dōTERRA kit that contains some of my hands-down favorites! It's way less than you would pay for oils separately.

doterra family essentials kits with beadlets

doterra family essentials kit with petal diffuser

or if you're a real baller, you could go with the Every Oil Kit  
doterra every oil enrollment kit

Check out all the kits here: Enrollment Kits

If you have additional questions about Wholesale Accounts, check out this handy FAQ.

Ready to Get Started? Follow these 3 Easy Steps:

1. Choose Your Starter KitThe best way to become a dōTERRA wholesale customer is to start with an enrollment kit that includes popular essential oils, products, and membership fee. You can also start with just the $35 membership.

2. Set up your dōTERRA Account: Click to be directed to setup your dōTERRA account. Here you will enter your contact information. Next will be your enrollment order where you will select the kit you wish to start with.

3. Login to your new dōTERRA Account: After your account is created you will be able to login. Now you will be able to order your dōTERRA products for one year at wholesale prices and choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Program.


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