Google Me

So when I first looked at the side-bar over there where the links are I thought it said "Google Me" instead of Google News. My first reaction was "hahah ohhh boy... I've done that."

Go ahead google my name.... I'll wait a minute. Yup that's right America's Nude Girl Next Door from Lincoln, Nebraska. When I first googled my name a few years ago I came across this Melissa Harrington and her nude website. At the time I was slightly shockedand then annoyed because she had way too entries for me to ever find something actually related to me personally. So basically, I had to be more specific when researching my internet fame. Next, I tried to add URI to my name, which gave me enough sites to satisfy me. Apparently, I have much URI internet fame due to the Rainville Award, URI in Marseille, and the Student Senate minutes (where you'll only find my name in roll call...because I was too busy sending notes across the room than contributing to student government).

The Melissa from Lincoln story did not end with my initial Google Me search. A few months later, my friend Nick called me up, "Dude! You're on CNN." Now, I must admit that my level of trust with Nick's credibility is somewhat low. Hmmm... maybe due to the fact that he tells me outlandish stories all the time and I believe him and then feel really stupid when it turns out they weren't anywhere close to the truth. Like the time he told me that he just got back from Virginia Beach where he joined an amateur photography club and took pictures of seals or something. See? That could be true and why would someone tell you something like that if it wasn't true? Anyway, I didn't have any idea what he was talking about until he went on to say, "This girl is on CNN for posing topless in Lincoln, Nebraska to promote her website and she has the same name as you!." Ding ding! I know this girl. A few days later I was telling this story to my friends when we were sitting around on Wine-O Wednesday and they thought it would be a great idea to log in and take advantage of free trial membership of 20 minutes. I didn't see the site unfortunately, but they assured me that it must have been much better before her appearance on CNN and subsequent controversy with the city of Lincoln.

The moral of this story, go out there and google yourself! You never know who you'll find or what kind of identity crisis to expect in the future. ; ) Let me know if you find anything good!


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Welcome to my world when you google me you find every article every written about the communist hunter Joe Mccarthy...At least you have something good to look at with yours! ;-)

  2. Hahahaha! What in the world was Ange thinking when she decided to name you! Gotta love her and the jello cubes anyway right?

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I get some thing about a Power Tool website... which isn't a far fetch b/c as we all know I've got quite the powerfull tool...

    in my pants.

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Apparently I am also a talented horse racer from Ireland...oh and you can't forget the head of the National Christmas Tree Association (no joke). I'm glad google informed me of my great accomplishments

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