The Irish Experience

I just got my pictures back from my business trip to Ireland. The trip was a few months ago in June, so you can see what happens when your digital camera breaks days before you go away and you're forced to use a disposable camera. The film literally sat on my desk right under my nose for 3 months until I decided to get it developed. You can say that I'm definitely one for the instant gratification of digital cameras.

Castle at the Cliffs of Mohr
near Galway, Ireland

I found out that I was going to have to make this trip a mere 4 days before leaving. I guess that's Corporate America for you... The short time I had to get ready for this trip wasn't a problem, I've been to Europe a number of times for vacations, to live, etc. I knew exactly what to pack to keep me comfortable in a strange land (Benydryl to knock me out cold at night, enough women's fashion magazine to keep me occupied for weeks, and a new selection of toiletries to keep me happy) Although I've been to Europe before for vacations and school, I'd never been on a business trip across the Atlantic. Granted I knew the madness that is functioning in a foreign country. However, I came up with a new scale to categorize this madness that one can expect when traveling to Europe.

Cat.1- Traveling: expect to get lost, fry a hairdryer or other electronic device from the US, get ripped off (hopefully not pickpocketed), and other small annoyances that come with tourist life.

Cat.2- Study Abroad: same as above for first 2/3 weeks until the culture shock sets in. Then one can expect dirty looks from locals, extreme frustration with bueauracracy, longing for a Cheeseburger and fries, normal TV, and non-existant internet connections etc. etc. (but also expect loads of time off, really easy classes, and great parties)

Cat.3- Working abroad: Oh while it's usually pretty smooth sailing as far as getting on the plane and to your hotel because business travelers are pretty well taken care of, as soon as you get to the office and try to get any work done the way you usually do it is just not going to happen. I'll continue this entry later....

- - To Be Continued - -


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