Paris Riots

How do you stop them?

Les principales villes touchées par les violences
(The main cities touched by the violence)

I just saw a report that the violence and rioting has spread to 300 towns in France. That's outrageous! In my French culture courses in college we got into the problem that France has with its immigrant population so I understand where this violence is stemming from. But the question for the French government remains... how do you stop them and protect your citizens?

According to an article in the Washington Post,
French President Jacques Chirac addressed the public Sunday for the first time since the violence began, saying his government's "absolute priority" was "reestablishing security and public order." His brief appearance came hours after the arson rampages struck the heart of Paris and accelerated their spread to other major French cities.

It took him until Sunday!! 10 days after the suburbs of Paris are being torched by rebel youth?!? Now what Chirac?

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