Return of the Blog -- Real World Key West Sighting!

I've just returned from the vacation and wow, where do I start?? The trip was amazing but the highlight was actually seeing the Real World Key West being filmed!! Matt and I walked into Fat Tuesdays and noticed a camera crew hanging out in the back near the pool tables. When they left in a hurry we trailed them with our Fat Tuesday's famous frozen drinks (gotta love the lack of open container laws in Key West) to the Lazy Gecko where they started filming the curly-haired cast member hitting on some girl and trying to get her number. This went on for a while and the camera crew was hustling all around the bar, knocking people in the head with the camera etc. to get different shots. After that little episode was over and the girl left with her friends. We realized that another cast member, this time a girl with dark curly hair and a lot of eye shadow, was also hanging out at the bar. The cameras caught her bustin' a move on the dance-floor.

Here's the cast's business venture. It's a spray tanning shop on Duval allll the way at the end.

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  1. That sounds like fun!! Just found your blog when surfing...think I'll bookmark it if you don't mind :)


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