Goooood Mornin' New York City

You know it's going to be a bad hair day when you're forced to use your boyfriend's hair styling products, ie. hair glue. I was afraid that I'd show up at work looking like I just stepped out of a stunt double gig in "There's Something About Mary", but luckily, it's not nearly that bad.

My morning could have started off a lot worse though if I'd been living in NYC. How about that Transit Strike? My idea of welcoming the first day of winter is definitely not by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to work in 24 degrees of New England cold. Brrrrrrrrr

My own commute into work this morning went smoothly. Door to door service even (!) because Matt drove this morning and dropped me off at work. The Providence-West Kingston commute down 95 usually does go smoothly (unless I'm running late and then the traffic is always HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUS, there must have been a pile up or something, right?) Even on 95 South in Rhode Island this morning we could feel the effects of this transit strike with some extra congestion towards the Connecticut line and a sign that warned "NYC Transit Strike, Massive Delays"

This sign actually got me thinking back to my days in France when the city buses would strike and the 30 minute bus ride to school that we would gripe about turned into a 3 hour walk which we were vehnement about. That being said, I feel your pain NYC commuters... maybe not in that my toes and fingers are numb sort of way because my strike days were spend in the South of France... but the walking part definitely sucks.

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