Weather rant

The weather in the Northeast has gone too FAR. One minute it's a blizzard, then the 10 inches of snow that we got melts 2 days later due to 60 degree temperatures, and now, when I want to go skiing for the weekend it's raining and ridiculously windy, all of which will turn to ice tonight followed by temperatures in the teens and wind chills of -20 F. What!? Here's what it looks like for the weekend... looks like another ski weekend will have to be postponed. There better be good skiing into April this year. Argggggh
Eastern U.S.
A strong arctic cold front will move through the northeast on Friday afternoon and evening. It will be a very fast moving front featuring high winds, a flash freeze, and rain showers changing to snow showers from NW to SE as the afternoon progresses. Travel to the Adirondack, Green and White Mountain resorts on Friday evening looks tricky as roadways freeze up and wind gusts of 50-60mph push high profile SUVs around.

Temperatures will fall from the 40Â’s to the teens during a 6 hour period Friday afternoon, then to the single digits above zero by Saturday morning as winds continue to howl out of the NNW. Wind chills will be well below zero and the National Weather Service will likely issue wind chill advisories and warnings for Saturday. All skiers and riders should bring all the layers this weekend. Saturday daytime temperatures will be between 0 and 10 at ski resort bases in upstate NY, VT, NH, and ME while the summit daytime temperatures run 0 to -10F.

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