Real World Key West debuts

Real World: Key West

After much anticipation (on my part and Matt's at least), the 17th season of the Real World started on MTV last night.
Now, I've always been a fan of the Real World, but this one is more dear to my heart since 1. my dad lives down in the Florida Keys and 2. Matt and I actually ran into a few of the cast members when we were in Key West in November. My darling Matt even had an engaging conversation with one of the cast members on the merits of hot dogs on Duval St. When we were down there in Fat Tuesdays we noticed some suspicious looking cameramen and they ended up being the Real World camera crew. We then followed them to The Lazy Gecko where we learned that the two castmembers we saw were Janelle and Zach. Good times... maybe you'll see our blurry faces on MTV in the future : )

Meet the Cast

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