Sunday Night Tv

A much anticipated Desperate Housewives last night (seriously, when was the last time it was on??) had me longing for the excitement of Season One. More specifically.... John the Gardener. This Season One nostalgia was probably brought on by no other than... well, John the Gardener's Mom. They brought her back to deter Gabrielle and Carlos from adopting a baby, and thus forcing them to go through an underground adoption agency. The bottom line is this: we don't care about John's Mom. Season Two has been seriously lacking. For starters, it's not even on every Sunday anymore. It's more like, oh when the girls feel like making an episode and even then the writers are struggling to come up with something entertaining.

I have the perfect fix. Bring back our dear friend, John the Gardener and have him mow some lawns with no shirt on. It's easy. ; )

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