So what did you do last night? I spent my night prancing in front of the TV, swinging golf clubs and hurling bowling balls down the alley. Did I mention that all of these things were done in my fuzzy bathrobe? Thanks to the Wii I’ll never have to put on rented bowling shoes again! Nintendo’s new console, the Wii, hit stores on Sunday- but only the lucky persistent pre-orderers (like Matt) walked away with one. The whole concept of this gaming system was foreign to me… You mean I have to stand up and swing things? Yes. You basically make the same movements to make it happen on the screen. Playing 9 holes? You have to swing the controller to hit the golf ball. Boxing? Punch the air or cover your face. Tennis? Let’s just say it’s one way to avoid tennis elbow, the virtual tennis ball doesn’t vibrate nearly as hard. Well I think you get the drift. Wii Sports is really the only game I’ve tried so far, I’m really not into those games where you run around, shoot people and duck. We’ll see how well it goes over at Thanksgiving when I get my Mom up there swinging golf balls… I just know she’s going to show me up.


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