Rockefeller Tree Llighting Trip

So Matt and I left from our apt early on Wednesday morning to catch the Acela train from Providence to Penn Station. We actually ended up on the same train as a bunch of Swarovski people and the train was such a great way to get there! It was almost door to door- with no hassle or aggravation (especially since whenever Matt and I get in the car together it's a white knuckle ride for me and he gets all upset when I make the gasping noises) and also it was pretty cool to see some of the sights along the tracks (believe it or not - CT has some pretty nice waterside track real estate). We got to the city, headed to the our hotel, the Helmsley Park Lane which is on Central Park South, right near the Plaza (which definitely reminded me of Home Alone at this time of year) and 5th Ave. After the hotel, we made our way to 30 Rockefeller center (think Rainbow Room & NBC Studios) for the Top of the Rock tour because Swarovski has a partnership with them and you can see a huge chandelier in the shape of the building upside down in the lobby. The views from the Observation Deck would have been amazing but it was still pretty cloudy out at that time. After we left the tour, we went down to the Ice Rink to scope things out for the evening and then ended up heading down to 46th to have lunch at this place called Orso that Matt's aunt reccommended. Mmmm this little Italian place was sooo good, we had this great pizza and an even better bottle of wine. By this point it was 3pm so we had to hoof it back to the hotel to get ready for the Swarovski reception at the hotel at 4:30. After the reception we all went back down to 30 Rock Center to the J.Crew/Vogue party at the J.Crew located right behind the Tree. The party was fun, great drinks, amazing location- we could go outside and basically touch the tree, 10% discount, and plenty of flat screen tvs because we couldn't really see anything that was going on on the other side of the tree. I saw Melissa a few times but she couldn't really hang out because she was working the event. When I went to visit her at the office the next day she told me what a horrible night it actually was because some mother of one of the Starlight Starbright Families was a mega biiiotch. Ohh we got a gift bag when we left, it wasn't tooo exciting- but we got an issue of Vogue, a scarf from J.Crew, and a Swarovski Annual Ornament. After the party we tried to find this cafe that Matt loves and couldn't remember if it was on 83rd East or West... We went to East first and it definitely wasn't there- we never made it to West because it's such a pain in the ass to get across the park and then we ended up in Queens and then the subway started closing... As it turns out, the cafe is literally right down the street from Melissa. Oops. The next day we woke up nice and late with champagne hangovers, walked over to 5th Ave, went in the realllly cool underground Apple store and met up with Matt's aunt for lunch at this Thai place. I had an awesome curry and then we hopped in a cab to the train station. Unfortunately no celebrities were spotted the whole time!!

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