While I was recovering from the wisdom teeth, I had some time to peruse the Internet just like the good old days. I can't quite remember how I found it, although it may have been from any of the magazines I was reading last week: Lucky, Glamour, or Allure, but I came across a website called Don't worry, it's nothing like MySpace... no creepy stalkers or strippers.

The idea behind is that you enter all of your measurements and it assigns you a shape associated with a letter. M Y S H A P E, I know tricky... I happen to be an S, so now their online store recommends clothes to fit your shape. The concept reminds me of a book that I love called The Science of Sexy. The book is along the same lines but you select your shape based on visual representations, then it offers you celebrities with the same shape, and fashion do's and don'ts. I highly recommend checking them both out! The take the work out of dressing well to look good! It's just too bad that they don't iron for you as well.

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