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It is a truth commonly known that I have ridiculously good taste in music. Especially if you ask my boyfriend. That being said, I've recently gotten back into my BritPop obsession, one step away from my Euro(trash)Pop obsession circa 2002-2004. While my place of work is far too cruel to allow me to stream BBC Radio One or Virgin Radio, I do have Sirius in my car and always get to catch the Chart Show on Sunday nights as we drive the 4 hours home from New Hampshire.

I dedicate this blog post to Brits of past and present. And some that were totally past but are now so present.

First up, my love Craig David. I don't really like his slow songs, just the totally fast paced, super cheesey ones like this new one below, and Hidden Agenda.

Next, the Spice Girls. How do you not love the Spice Girls? I'm going to regret not going to one of their revival shows 4 lyfe now. *Sigh*

And Atomic Kitten? So hot. I don't think those girls had a single original song but they were catchy none the less.

Now we come to the latest class of BritPop stars that never cease to amaze me with their musical prowess.

I'm loving Adele's Chasing Pavements right now and even though Amy Winehouse is a mess and a half, I really like her song Valerie with Mark Ronson. Speaking of Valerie (shout out to my BFF- of whom I just sent her 2 videos of 'Valerie'), the Zutons also did a song called Valerie that Amy Winehouse does a cover for. Phewwww confusing I know.
Here's the latest Valerie:
Couldn't embed this one, but it's worth the link.

And here's the Zutons cover (no video just music)

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