Funniest thing ever...

This is the funniest/most addicting site I've seen in a long time. Unfortunately, I discovered it at work, tried my best to stifle laughs but ended up busting a gut and laughing hysterically in my cube.. and then had to go on and explain to everyone what was so funny.

The best part is that some of them will remind you so much of your own mother that it's eerie.

Here's a sample:

What are you doing getting bitten by mosquitoes?!! You will get MALARIA - and i will have to start worrying about that instead of typhoid. Maybe you have got dengue fever even! Are the drugs working? Are you still alive?

and this one... also hilarious.

The news is out! Dad bought me a Webkinz. It is reallly well designed and is the biggest craze I’ve seen in a long time.. It is comparable to the tamgachi and beani babies of your early youth. Every first grade through 5th grade student has one. They are awesome, yet a bit addicting.

I need your help. I can’t make enough money to feed my Webkinz. I have failed at three jobs so far. Please do not check my resume. My Webkinz has survived on pudding which is the sale item.

Please tap into my account and do something about it. Remember, I can get kicked off the site if not used appropriately. No mating of Webkinz. Any ways here is the information you will need.
username #######
password #######
Thanks, Gotta go and make some real money.
P.S. Don”t give my password away………seriously

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