Tuckerman's Ravine 2008

Last weekend we made the trip up to Tuckerman's Ravine, a section of Mt. Washington famous for it's "steepest in the East skiing". The hike was intense! It was definitely tough for me- especially the narrow section once you get past HoJo's we affectionately named The Goat Path.

Once you make it to HoJo's (see Hermit Lake Shelter on this map), you get the majestic views of the bowl that almost make the trip worth it. What really makes the trip worth it is the atmosphere of 4,000 other hikers and skiers/boarders who all make that long hike up to Tuckerman's to spend an afternoon hiking up the bowl for a run or two down, or the spectators like myself who spend the entire afternoon sunning on a rock and cheering for the daredevils who launch themselves off the Headwall and tuck the whole way down. More entertaining is the oooooohhhs and ahhhhhhs you hear from the unfortunate souls who end up careening down the pitch in a cartwheel... ouch.

This video was shot on the day we were there, April 19th, 2008 and was able to catch all of the good crashes!


  1. Very cool; love the photos.
    Mt. Washington in NH, right?
    Have you ever been to Lake Winnipesaukee?

  2. haha after watching that video, I take back my comment about not skiing, watching looks like it was entertaining enough! It's weird to think I was there w/o the snow, I can't even picture it as the same place.

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM


    Great share, thanks for your time


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