Things I Love - Day 4

2010 was a whirlwind year. I can't say that I absolutely recommend getting married (twice- sort of) and buying a house in the same year. It happens all the time and to all of those who have done, are doing it, or plan to- I feel for you and good luck!

Regardless, on Day 4, I love Destination Weddings. Particularly the all-inclusive kind, and more specifically where I had my destination wedding- Sandals Negril!

I love Sandals Resorts. We've stayed at three different resorts, all in Jamaica and have had the absolute best time at every one.

We first stayed at Sandals Montego Bay in March 2008, and it also happens to be where we got engaged. Then in 2010, we selected Sandals Negril for our destination wedding, followed by Sandals Whitehouse for our honeymoon.

Here's why I loved our Sandals wedding:
  • We got to go on vacation with all of our closest friends and family. Maybe a nightmare for some, this was so much fun for all 36 of us! Both sides of our families and friends really got to bond during this vacation in paradise.

  • Fun in the sun right up until all of the events! I loved that we were able to hang out right up until any of our wedding events. Thanks to the Sandals Staff who took care of every detail, we were snorkling up to an hour before our rehearsal dinner!

  • Getting married with the ocean at our backs.

The coolest reception I've ever been to... if I do say so myself! Our tables were set up on the beach with lanterns overhead. We also got to take advantage of one of Negril's world famous sunsets!

So there it is! Things I Love - Day 4 - Destination Weddings. Of course I could go on for days about it, but I'll stop here! If you have any questions about Destination Weddings, Jamaica, or Sandals please comment.

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  1. Awesome pictures. And I also think it was the most beautiful wedding ever! But I might be prejudiced ;-)


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