Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Living Room Inspiration

Truth be told, the room that could contain the most potential in my house is currently sitting unfurnished. Well, that's not entirely true. It is home to Matt's bearded dragon. So technically, Geekos' bedroom/my living room needs some love. I love this room because it has tons of light, sliding doors to our deck and a fireplace. See! So much potential! It's also nothing short of a challenge, due mostly to the fact that there are 3 entrances. Tricky. This Polyvore board is the first in a series that I'll create to get my thoughts out there and build this room piece by piece.


  1. By the way, I already own the Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror. That's a start!!

  2. I like the colors scheme, in fact I'm considering something similar for my bedroom which is currently devoid of color. I also really love those chairs but I don't think they go with the mirror in either style or color. Keep going, you enspire me to Polyvore my rooms.

  3. Not a fan of gold and teal? I think it looks pretty.

  4. It's better to choose the 3 main colors, then there are fewer problems with the selection of furniture and decor elements, I prefer 2 bright colors and one background. But your inspiration and ideas are really worthwhile, I'll take them for a note for future design)Thanks! By the way, here I was advised to order furniture (by the way, delivering it to Marina Del Rey will not be difficult) lacomfy store in Los Angeles . And I choose a coffee table sofa and a table for the patio.


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