Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peacock Pop Art

They're finally up! I don't know why I'd been procrastinating hanging my beloved Peacock Pop Art in their teal frames, but something tells me it had to do with leveling and measuring. I sanded and painted the frames about two weeks ago, created the peacock prints a little after that, and since then they've been hanging out on my dresser.

Here's a close up of what one of the four look like:

This is an actual peacock from Sandals Whitehouse that I encountered on my honeymoon. Right after I took this shot, I went in for another one. At the precise moment I would hit the shutter, that hideous bird let out the worst noise you've ever heard. And scared the #$#% out of me. This is the shot.

The moral of this story, a peacock on the wall is worth is worth 10 in the bush. 
Point in case.

Chair Rehab

A few years ago while we were still living in Providence, Matt and I snagged these matching Ikea wicker chairs for our deck from the AS IS room. We used them and abused them for about 3 years, leaving them outside through all seasons, before finally realizing they were in need of some serious TLC.

Here' what they looked like prior to some love. Sun bleached and rusty....
And here they are after 1 coat of Rust-Oleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze. Now originally, I was only going to spray the legs with this color, but the wind got the best of me and despite my best efforts to keep the paint contained using tape to cover the wicker, it still got all over it.
 I'll post the final product in a few days when additional coats have been applied and cured.

After this project I also realized that I could use this product to attack the brass in my house! I even tried a knob and it worked perfectly! Next up will be some brass window rods that we inherited... Will post once that project is complete.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Baseball Season is here Red Sox Fans!

I love this Fenway print by ReStudio Design (my sister). Summer is right around the corner! Warm up with this print.

Fenway 8x10