Etsy + West Elm Handmade Holiday Workshop

Last night I attended the Etsy + West Elm Handmade Holiday Workshop at the Burlington West Elm (just outside of Boston, MA). What a great event! My sister's Etsy shop, ReStudios, was invited to attend the event and able to sell prints from the shop. Since she's currently living in New York, I was happy to attend the event in her place.

I love the partnership between West Elm and Etsy and first noticed when West Elm began to feature some Etsy sellers in their catalogs. A few brands humanize and localize their presence well and I think West Elm does a great job of this in the home decor field, as Whole Foods does with community events in their markets. This latest extension of the partnership included a Mini-Market so West Elm shoppers could also check out unique handmade items from Etsy sellers in the store's local market, while also tying in a charitable component, with gifts and a tree being donated to a local charity called Little Wanderers. Shoppers (as well as my husband, who came out to help for the evening) were even encouraged to get crafty and create origami ornaments that decorated the tree that would be donated to Little Wanderers.

Here's a look at the ReStudios set up. Many fans of the Fenway print, although that was to be expected considering the market!

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  1. Congrats for selling that night!

    It was not too busy in Princeton, NJ. You can check out some photos here:



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